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Di Consulting manages short to medium term projects and campaigns
for corporations, government bodies, small businesses, non-profits and individuals.

Our team specializes in one thing— obtaining optimal results for our clients.

Some clients present undefined problems they seek to resolve. These clients ask Di Consulting to use its unique set of tools to better define the problem and then to present and implement a solution.
Others have a well-defined goal in mind, but do not know how to best achieve it. We then provide effective ways to reach this goal. In one example, when a client approaches us Di Consulting seeking long-term growth, the Di Consulting team proceeds to provide a series of implementable projects that can help the client ensure the goal is reached.

Finally, there are clients with a well-defined goal and plan that want to ensure that the plan is implemented effectively. In such cases Di Consulting uses its skills, knowledge and experience to ensure the project is implemented successfully. Di Consulting’s expertise in defining the desired results and reaching these results ensures the project will be a resounding success.

The advantage in using Di Consulting comes from its high quality staff, its refreshing and innovative outlook, and the lack of bureaucratic burden involved in hiring new people in-house for short to medium term projects.

We focus on Business Development and Strategy, Marketing, Government Relations, Policy Design and Analysis, Advocacy, and Social Media.

What We Do

High Quality Services for Companies and Non Profits

Project Coordination

We make your vision a reality. Our team will manage your most complex projects and will help your organization grow significantly. Contracting out project coordination results in lower costs by cutting down the bureaucratic work of hiring new workers for specific projects. Di Consulting’s top-quality services ensure premium results.

Government Relations

We will promote your ideas within various government bodies given our vast network of connections within all levels of government. Our team has worked with civil servants and politicians in all political parties and knows how to effectively promote client messages. We have earned the trust of government officials by keeping an impecable ethical record and acting in the most professional way.

Business Development and Strategy:

Our team has been involved in business strategy in diverse markets and applied effective tools to generate tangible results. We provide various corporate services, including writing business plans, problem solving, managing communications and investor relations, and developing strategies for additional growth.

Policy Design and Analysis

Di Consulting possesses an international background and solid education and experience in public policy. Our team knows how to engage in comparative studies, conduct extensive market research and suggest innovative solutions to real policy problems. We work with our clients at every step of the policy process, from the idea stage through to the drafting of legislation, if necessary.

Our Works

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Our Priorities

These are our top priorities:

Your Satisfaction


  • Our top priority is to ensure that our clients feel completely satisfied with the product. We want you to come back for more!
Great Value


  • We always work efficiently to complete the task at hand and deliver outstanding results at a reasonable price.

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